Solar Systems

Want to harness free solar electricity from the sun? Brock Fitzgerald Electrical provides solar installation for domestic, commercial and industrial properties. Green energy is the way of the future for homes and businesses as a viable way to save money and the environment.

Solar panels convert the suns rays into electricity and once installed, will help you save money on daily energy consumption including heating, cooling, lighting, appliances, computers and more. This is hugely beneficial for families as the cost of living rises and for businesses as society places a focus on corporate social responsibility. Consumers are more aware about environmentally friendly practices and ethics and hence this is causing a shift in the way commercial businesses think, act and operate.

We pride ourselves on providing ongoing service, from your initial consultation and quote for solar panel installation, through to keeping your solar panels clean and working in optimal condition throughout the life of your solar system.

Our electricians provide the following services:

  • Installation of solar panels
  • Solar panel cleaning
  • Solar system servicing and repairs
  • Energy-efficient lighting
  • Solar heating
  • Green energy

Our electrical contractors will happily talk to you about your energy requirements, design and installation. We will advise on a solar electricity system that will best suit your needs.

Trying to make your home or business energy efficient? Invest in your financial future and reduce your carbon footprint – contact us to discuss how solar electricity can benefit you.