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Can you be 100% sure that your smoke alarm is working properly or that it provides sufficient protection for your family or business? Smoke alarms are life-saving devices that provide benefits for occupants.
Despite its small size, a Smoke alarm is essential in any home and a great piece of security. Not only does a Smoke alarm detect Smoke but it also sounds an alarm to alert residents of heavy smoke or fire. Photoelectric and Ionisation smoke alarms are the 2 types of Smoke Alarms available today. Each alarm detects smoke and fire at different stages.
Why should I have a smoke alarm you ask?? When you’re asleep you lose your sense of smell. A smoke alarm is your electronic nose. It will alert you if there is smoke from a fire. A small fire can grow to involve an entire room in two to three minutes. A smoke alarm provides early warning and time to escape.
Smoke alarms are compulsory in every home. They must contain a battery, need to be tested regularly and must be replaced every 10 years.